Musical Friday: Eurotrash

Everyone has guilty pleasures. This is one of mine – especially after a few beers, late at night.

First of all, there’s the Germanest of German bands: Kraftwerk. In 1974, they scored their biggest hit with the song (and I use that term loosely) Autobahn:

Of course, this was only the single edit. For the full (22 min) version, click here. Don’t be afraid!

The next song is truly one of my guilty pleasures, because I so happen to have a certain weakness for women who wear their hair in the classical German style vokuhila (= vorne kurz, hinten lang). In other words, I just confessed to liking women with mullets (IT IS REALLY NOT AS AWFUL AS IT SOUNDS!):

After this (unfortunate?) moment of candor, let us quickly move on to the next example of Teutonic brillance. Pay particular attention to the drummer in this video. That is really what ALL Germans look like:

On a final note, I am still looking for this album:

I have heard it’s brilliant. Any tips?


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