Een opgeschoonde Mandela

…wordt op dit moment door veel van zijn voormalige vijanden toegejuicht:

Those who suffered under apartheid, the exiles, those who were active in solidarity overseas: all will have their memories […] But sadly, they have to share a stage with the official voices of commemoration: politicians and others who cared little for the ANC or who actively opposed it. In the UK it is sickening to hear eulogies from the braying Tories, the Bullingdon-club types and ex-members of the Federation of Conservative Students who sang “hang Nelson Mandela” in the 1980s. No doubt, in the US, there will be some prominent Reaganites who utter similar word of appreciation.

En dat hebben we eerder gezien:

Just as with Martin Luther King, we are witnessing the invention of a sanitized version of the man, focused on reconciliation with those who hated him – and who still hate those like him – and suppressing his wider commitment to the fight against social and global injustice.

Want Mandela – net als Martin Luther King – hield er ideeën op na die veel van zijn gelegenheidsbewonderaars allesbehalve kunnen bekoren:

A democratic socialist, Mandela was “openly opposed to capitalism, private land-ownership and the power of big money”.

Maar daar denken we maar even niet aan.


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